Om Raw by Nature

Raw by Nature ApS is an organic wholesale company. Our vision is to benefit human health and well-being by offering specially selected organic vegan food of the highest quality and investing in projects of high social awareness.

Vores livsformål

We will provide people with pure lifeforce, which means we offer pure vegan foods in their natural raw form or gently processed.


We are motivated by our passion and love for all life on earth.

We therefore wish to be among the pioneers of companies who have made it their primary dedication to act consciously from what gives earth and people vitality and joy in life.

We are motivated by our passion and love for all life on earth.

Vores historie

In his desire to change lifestyle in a greener direction, Nicolai came in contact with the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida in 2012. It inspired a diet where a central part consisted of fresh green shoots from peas and sunflowers, two ingredients sprained with budding nutrition and vitality.

It was not possible to buy these raw foods freshly produced in Denmark, but it turned out that a small Swedish family-owned company had made it its expertise to produce these and other fresh sprouts and shoots. The meeting with this producer was the beginning of a good personal friendship and at the same time the start of Raw by Nature, which today makes these foods easily accessible to everyone in Denmark.