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The Story of our Products

It is Raw by Nature’s mission to offer delicious products with the highest possible life force. This is products in their purest natural form or products so gently processed that nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc. are preserved. Our products are entirely organic and vegan and we emphasize sustainability and global awareness.


A seed is more than a seed. It is a sleeping plant waiting to sprout. Under the right conditions it begins to grow, and enzymes come alive and initiate many processes in the seed.

First the sprout is formed. It evolves into a shoot which grows larger and eventually takes the shape of a full-grown plant. Sprouts and shoots are quite young plants which are harvested very early in their growth phase. At that moment they contain a unique amount of natural vitamins, minerals, unsaturated acids and amino acids, often in much greater quantity than in the full-grown plant. The content of vitamins and antioxidants as well as the availability of minerals is increased in order to provide the growing plant with protection and nourishment.

The sprouts are living food and the shoots are also rich in chlorophyll. Sprouts and shoots are eaten just when the content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are at the highest.



Pana Chocolate is a raw, organic chocolate that is handmade in Melbourne, Australia. It contains only natural ingredients such as raw organic nuts, organic goji berries, organic coconut flakes and pure 100% essential oils. Pana Chocolate was crafted with the vision that the chocolate should be good for everyone. Therefore Pana Chocolate combines the finest raw, wild crafted and organic ingredients to produce a delicious, smooth textured chocolate.

The ancient Mayan’s referred to chocolate as ‘food of the gods’ ... and with good reason, its seems they knew back then what modern science is discovering now – unrefined, raw chocolate has amazing well documented health benefits.

Pana chocolate is made with concern on 3 things; the quality of the chocolate, the health of your insides and the sustainability of the Earth. It is made using only raw organic ingredients and without any machinery in the production process – everything is made and wrapped by hand…with love.

New products

We are in the process of selecting new exciting products and we look forward to introducing them. Please keep an eye out for our new products to come.